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Mini-Biography: The Passionate Neuroscientist Stephen W. Kuffler

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Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 12.45.18 PMby Michael Mohammadi

One of the more influential books I read in graduate school had nothing to do with material that I would be tested on. The book was “Steve: Remembrances of Stephen W. Kuffler” by U.J. McMahan, a biography of one of the greatest neurophysiologists, and one of the most passionate scientists of the 20th century. I recently re-read this biography and it once again made me realize why I love science and discovery. Here I give a brief overview on his contributions to neuroscience and hopefully give some insight into his passion for truth. I skip over many of the details that can be found in his biography or the many lectures and notes written about him posthumously. Read the rest of this entry »