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Here you will find a detailed list of publications by application.   The list is very broad, from opto-stuff to astronomy and everything in between.  I am happy to add to this list, as well as send the PDFs for those that I have access and rights to send.

If you have recommendations for a better way to organize this list please let me know.  Work in progress, please be patient!

Random Papers in Sciences (mostly neuroscience)

Optogenetics Reviews – Great starting place for those new to the field

Optophysiology Reviews –  Great starting place for those new to the field

Novel Optogenetic Probes

Zebrafish Optogenetics / Physiology

C. Elegans Optogenetics/Optophysiology

Spatial Light Modulators and DMD’s for Optogenetics / Imaging

Super resolution microscopy

Confocal / Spinning Disk Microscopy

Scientific Camera Technology

Astronomy, Physics and Physical Sciences


Written by Michael Mohammadi

February 20, 2014 at 23:27

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  1. […] am compiling optogenetics, optophysiology and advanced imaging references and will be organizing them by category/field.  I have launched the page and over the next week it […]

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